Soft and spreadable, lightly creamy with notes of summer pasture and lemon. A simply beautiful farmstead cheese, made with just sea salt, this cheese appeals to all cheese lovers, even those who are scared of a little goat.

Thai Garlic Chevre

Flavored with thai chili peppers and garlic. A unique flavor profile that offers a savory goodness with a hint of spice.


A delightfully crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, squeaks in your mouth, bit of perfection. Sprinkled with fresh off the farm mint and sea salt, this cheese was made to be the star of the show.


A perfectly balanced goat feta, lovingly cooked to create a firm, fresh cheese suited for crumbling or cubing. Sprinkled and brined in a bit of whey and a bit of salt water.


A hard goat cheese for everyone. Natural rind finish, aged in a cave for 3 months. Good for slicing, grating, and will melt, but maintains it’s shape. This cheese is a little sweet with the perfect amount of nuttiness. Sure to delight taste buds of all ages.