Our pigs live luxurious lives in Pig Forest, with free access to pasture and a forest underground. They are fed spent grain from our local brewery, Top Rung; all the whey they want from our dairy; and pasture. Our piggies aren’t given antibiotics or hormones and because they live on pasture and not concrete floors we don't have to supplement with extra iron. This means you can spend more time thinking about how to cook your pork and no time wondering what you’re feeding your family.

We only sell pigs once they are born, so be sure to give us a call and get on the waiting list. The more people on the waiting list, the more pigs we breed so we can get pork to everyone who wants some. (360) 280-6730 or email hello@lostpeacock.com.

How do I order pork

Easy! You can order either a whole hog or a half hog. Once you know how much pork you want, you just have to select which cuts you want by filling out our form and mailing or emailing it. Of course if you and your family visit the Farm we would love to help you fill out the order form in person!

You pay one person. Us. We then work with you to help you decide how you want your pork delivered to you using our very friendly and easy to use order form. We do all the communication with our USDA Butcher Shop (we use Heritage Meats in Rochester, Washington). When your order is ready we'll go pick it up and bring it back to Farm. You will pick up your meat from us.

All the prices are based on hanging weight, which is the weight of the pig that has been gutted and has had the head removed. If you buy half a pig it’s $6.50 per lb hanging weight, and if you buy a whole pig it’s $6.25 per lb hanging weight. When you fill out the form, you pay us a $50 deposit for a half pig and a $100 deposit for a whole pig. On harvest day, we’ll give you a call to let you know what the hanging weight is so you can pay the remaining amount and start making room in your freezer! Butchering usually takes about 2 weeks with no smoking/curing, 4-6 weeks if you have requested ham/bacon/sausage.we’ll give you a call when your pork is ready to pickup at Lost Peacock Creamery.

We prefer cash/check but we also accept all major credits cards (via pay pal with an 2.9% paypal fee).

You pay just one price, regardless of whether you get bacon or sausage, cutlets or not. We aim to harvest our pork at 250 lbs, which will render around 185 pounds hanging weight. You pay based on hanging weight.

Our pork is all natural, no hormones, no antibiotics. Our pigs never see the inside of a pen and are free to roam and root on our organic pastures for the entirety of their lives.

What Do You Get?

  • 18 lbs pork chops, 4 lbs spare ribs, 12 lbs sausage, 24 lbs ham, 20 lbs bacon, 12 lbs shoulder butt roasts, 14 lbs shoulder picnic, 16 lbs bone/trimmings, 30 lbs fat = 150 lbs
  • 7 lbs pork chops, 8 lbs sausage, 24 lbs ham, 20 lbs bacon, 17 lbs pork roast, 16 lbs picnic and shoulder butts, 7 lbs misc cuts, 5 lbs salt pork, 31 lbs fat = 135 lbs
  • 23 lbs pork chops, 6 lbs spare ribs, 18 lbs ground sausage, 30 lbs ham, 16 lbs bacon, 20 lbs shoulder roast, 8 lbs butt roast, 10 lbs stew bones, 16 lbs fat = 147 lbs
  • 23 lbs pork chops, 6 lbs spare ribs, 9 lbs sausage, 28 lbs ham, 23 lbs bacon, 9 lbs boston butt, 12 lbs picnic roast, 23 lbs fat = 133 lbs

How Do I Order?

Send us an e-mail at hello@lostpeacock.com or join our Pastured Pork Mailing List. We'll confirm availability and have you fill out our order form and submit deposit. When the pigs are ready to head off to freezer camp you'll get an email and soon be filling your freezer with all natural, healthy, humanely raised pork.