Handcrafted artisan goat cheese

Lost Peacock Creamery is a Grade A Goat Dairy in Olympia, Washington. It is a labor of love filled with our blood, sweat, and tears (don’t worry, we keep all that out of the cheese).


We specialize in fresh and aged goat cheese and goat yogurt. Our farm is open to the public by appointment for special events and open farm days. Also, goat yoga!


At Lost Peacock Creamery the goats have wings, the pigs have polka dots, and the trees hug us back. Everyone has a place at our table.


And no, we don’t milk the peacocks.



A little bit of an update

The last time I had this big of stretch from the blog my life was in literal shambles. I was a single parent, I was struggling to stay afloat financially, and I was in the lowest place I’d ever been emotionally. Thankfully! That’s not the reason for my absence from the blog this time. We […]

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We GET to be tired.

This weekend I celebrated my birthday. 34 years old! Matthew and I woke up the morning of my birthday at 5 a.m. and scooped the Sainte Maure cheese that had been incubating all night. Thankfully Leo, Matthew’s younger brother who lives on the farm while he’s going to college, offered to do our morning milking […]

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