Shout Out to the Mongers




  1. a person who sells cheese, butter, and other dairy products.

See also: Cheese Expert. Cheese Genius. Cheese Aficionado. Lover of all things cheese.


Over the years our business model has evolved from selling at a farmer’s market to selling wholesale in grocery stores. It was a necessary evolution. At our peak we were working five markets a week, milking twice a day, making cheese every other day and raising two small children. It was insanity and I don’t recommend it.

Our model now relies heavily on our weekly deliveries to Olympia and Seattle where we’re lucky enough to have direct access to some of the most incredibly talented cheesemongers.

Never for a second do we doubt just how important our relationships with these mongers is. And never for a second do we take for granted how lucky we are that they are willing to work with us.

Most large grocer type shoppes will only work with a distributor. Why? Because it’s a hell of a lot easier for them. It’s a huge pain in the ass for a store to work directly with a farmer. We call once a week and they have to stop what they’re doing and talk to us. I know, it may not seem like that big of a deal, but, have you ever watched a monger behind the counter? They never stop moving. They’re on their feet all day, they’re cutting cheese, wrapping cheese, tending to the cheese, taking inventory, and, the most important part, talking to customers. The first time we ever demoed at a cheese counter I was blown away by the sheer magnitude of work a monger gets done in a day.

So I feel completely confident in saying, taking a phone call from a farmer directly, is extra work.

And yet they do it. And not only do they do it. They seem to actually enjoy it. When I call the stores every week they genuinely seem happy to talk to me, even though, almost always, they can barely hear me, due to the fact that their office is in the middle of a bustling store, and, likely, a million other people are trying to get their attention.

These amazing people, with taste buds of gold, are the “gatekeepers to the cheese.” When you don’t know what kind of cheese to buy for a party, or for dinner, or to go with a certain meal, or to scratch a certain “itch” your mouth has been asking for, you can ask them. Not only do they have an opinion, they have an opinion that’s backed by years of studying and appreciating cheese.

Cheesemongers are a treasure, and for that, we raise a toast to them.

And a special shout out to the mongers in our life. Many of you, you know who you are, follow us on facebook and instagram. You’ve been with us through our happiness and our sadness. You’ve hugged me in the cheese cooler the week after Obachan died, you’ve invited us to your Christmas parties, you’ve congratulated us on our success, and you always, always, always tell us how cute our kids are.

Many of you have been to our farm and brought your wives and girlfriends (don’t worry, not the same person) to cuddle goats, and see where our cheese comes from. You’ve given us feedback on cheese we’ve experimented with, inspired us to be better, and, most importantly, you encourage us to keep making cheese.

We are ETERNALLY grateful for the relationships we have with you and we are even more grateful for the passion you show in directing your customers to our cheese. We hope to always make a product you’re proud to endorse.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We absolutely could not make a living wage dairying without you.

Rachael Taylor-Tuller