How We Farm

When you purchase our Pastured Pork or Goat Milk Products you support a working family farm. Our farm is committed to raising good, healthy food, while doing our part to increase the health of the land. The end result is a beneficial food system that encourages healthy communities.

Watch any food documentary and you quickly become aware:

  • 3 companies control 90% of the beef industry

  • 4 companies control 66% of the pork industry

  • 4 companies control 60% of the poultry industry

Without being too dramatic, the disparity is hard to ignore. In the 1970s the top five beef packers controlled just 25% of the market. Why does it matter? The opportunity for tainted meat to spread is exponentially increased when we stop diversifying our food sources.

When you support a local farm you know where your food is coming from.

We highly encourage our customers to visit and see our pigs in the forest, or watch our goats in the pasture. A few minutes here and hopefully it becomes clear, we care about our animals and how we are raising them.

We don’t use antibiotics in the animals we eat. We don’t use growth hormones. We’re doing our part to reverse the overuse of antibiotics in livestock, not just for healthier animals, but also to decrease the instances of antibiotic-resistant bacteria that can exist in these unhealthy growing situations (think “superbugs”). How do we do it? Fresh air, sunshine, pasture rotation and good clean living. Additionally, we breed right here on our farm, and we only breed the best. Better genetics means stronger, healthier animals for everyone.

All our animals are raised on pasture. When animals are pastured their meat ends up being higher in health-enhancing fats and lower in the fats linked with disease.

And finally, fresh from the farm just tastes better. There’s no denying it.

Purchasing food from the Lost Peacock is joining the food movement. By supporting a local farm you vote with your dollars and put a superior product on your family’s table.