The 2014 Farmstead Gift Giving Guide


The gift-giving holidays are right around the corner which has inspired me to put together a little mash-up of some really hard working cottage industries. There's nothing bix box about these stores. It's mostly farmers and artisans pouring their heart and soul into the work that they believe in. I don't know about you, but that's definitely something I can get behind! For the person in your life who has exquisite taste but also cares what goes in their bath and body products

Sunny Cabana Farmsil_570xN.682658324_guwx just opened their Etsy Shop which she has filled with products she makes from ingredients grown on her farm. The proprietress is an old friend from grade school so I was delighted to be one of the first customers. The products arrived faster than I was expecting and on a day when I was feeling like my face was dull and lifeless. I tried the pink grapefruit sugar scrub that night and almost immediately felt rejuvenated. Seriously. The smell when you open the jar is intoxicating and the combination of the sugar crystals with the coconut oil, it kind of left me thinking, “Where have you been all my life?!” Those of you who have followed me for a while know that I was in a Proactiv commercial about 4 years ago. I stopped using it when I got pregnant with Gizmo (my midwife didn’t think Benzoyl Peroxide was a good idea for the Gremlin) and I just haven’t needed to start using it again. Instead I’ve just been using our goat milk soap, which I love.  I've been using it as my only face wash now and someone recently told me I was glowing and wondered what I used on my face. Hello magic potion!

I can also personally vouch for the awesomeness of their Comfrey Dandelion Mint Salve, Lavender Rose Aloe Whip and the Green Tea and Rosehips Anti Aging Treatment. I LOVE ALL OF THEM!

For the person in your life who could benefit from some kind words:

10329752_546929608752330_6928563299822408928_o This Card Deck from Artsy Inspirations includes 35 art cards, each with their own unique illustration and phrase. These would be a welcome gift to anyone who could benefit from snippets of inspiration throughout the day.

For anyone who could use a little extra sparkle:


Little b Designs is the love child of one of my dearest Mommy friends. She is uber talented. There are lots of hair accessories along with her signature necklaces and bracelets. Every single time I wear Little b Designs I get a compliment.

For anyone with feet that get cold or sweaty, or wears shoes, or sandals (no judgment). 

1391539_567501806636223_863991542_nDo you know a socks with sandals guy? Or anyone who could really use a pair of quality socks for keeping their tootsies warm or dry? You must check out River Hill Ranch's line of Alpaca socks. The head farmer is a fellow Zoomie (Air Force Academy graduate) with me and The Handsome Man. She recently wrote a pretty inspirational piece titled, "Why Alpacas?" that has me thinking I may have picked the wrong farm animals (shhhh...don't tell the goats!). But seriously, she was right. These socks are a splurge but, as we all know, good socks always are. And you're supporting a farmer who is committed to sharing her learnings and creating Made in America products.

For that manly guy in your life who loves his beard:


Those of you who have met The Handsome Man know he isn’t in need of an hair products (I always joke I like my men like I like newborn rats, sleek and hairless). But, if I was buying a little pressie for a bearded man I’d probably pick up something special from Tilton Hollow Farm. Specifically, they're  Union Jack After-Shave Balm and Beard Conditioner.

For anyone who needs to get clean

il_570xN.667894800_2oxbGoat Milk Soap is an art. Here at The Farmstead we make a pretty utilitarian bar, but secretly, I admire all the farmers out there who are taking their goat milk and turning it into real works of art. Udder Chaos Farm is one of those places. They have soap designed specifically for individual needs, from skin care to moisturizing.

For those of us who love unique dangly earrings

il_570xN.666708256_6twiI realize not everyone wears dangly earrings, but if you do, Jonquil Junction's hand hammered copper earrings are really cool. I'm eyeing this pair right now!



For your culinary inspired friends

lavenderCooking with lavender will elevate your cuisine to the next culinary level. Petit Creek Lavender uses all lavender grown on their farm (SECRET DREAM ALERT!) They also have other lavender goodies in their shop. You can't go wrong!



For that person in your life who just can't wait to start playing Christmas music

GingerbreadYou know who they are...they start trying to sneak it in around November 1st and then before the turkey is even portioned out for leftovers they've got Christmas music blaring throughout the house. These people freaking LOVE the holidays. So why not indulge their festive spirit with some gingerbread goat milk lotion from Holland Homestead Farms.


For anyone who may be "expecting"

Mystic Farms Natural Products il_570xN.662326492_d7i8sells a Baby's Butt Balm that has received rave reviews from Mamas all over. This would be a perfect gift for anyone who is planning on welcoming their own human addition into the world.

For the tiny fashionata or fashinosto

s524204598849366243_p73_i1_w1280yb urban? creative homestead has some pretty fashionable and artistic clothes and accessories for little ones. When Gizmo gets a little bit bigger I think one of these skirts is definitely in her future!

For the person who loves chickens and/or whimsical décor:

I had trouble picking just one thing from Gershwin & Gertie so here’s just a few of my favorites. Seriously though, you need to check out their whole website. There is a handy filter on the side where you can shop by price. Definitely something for every budget!

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