A Fiber Goat for The Farmstead

_MG_3590 When we told my mother, an avid knitter, we would keep a fiber animal for her at The Farmstead her eyes lit up. She loves animals, but she also loves her grandbabies who live very far away. In order to stay free enough to travel to see them, and us! (she lives 6 hours south in Oregon) farm animals aren't in her future.

That's where we come in. We asked the wonderful people at  Puget Sound Goat Rescue to watch for a fiber goat to come through the slaughterhouse. Thankfully for us they have an incredible team of volunteers always on the lookout. Even though we live in Washington, this sweet girl came from Oregon. I'm not sure why, but I do know the slaughterhouse also takes animals from Idaho. As a side note, let's take a minute and say "thank you" to the Goat Rescue volunteers who brave the misery of that terrible place to help rescue the pet quality animals that have been owner surrendered or breeder culled. They have brought us Bjorn, Toto, Mrs. Robinson, Sugaree, and now Lulu!

My mother's name is Linnea and in high school her nickname was Lulu. Plus, this girl has sass and prance...we can already tell she's going to be one of the "stars of the pasture". Lulu just seems to fit.

Lucky us, we have another goat at The Farmstead. Even more lucky, Mom paid for the adoption fee and will pay her monthly feed bill. It's a win-win! One more furry face to smooch is a blessing.

For now she's on quarantine, for at least 60 days. We'll use this time to make sure she's healthy before she touches noses with anyone else. She has an infection where the slaughterhouse put the ear tag in and her feet are kind of a mess, but none of that seems unfixable. She's home now, which is all that matters.