Amateur farmer seeks goat's milk

One of my favorite parts of writing a blog is looking over search terms for how people found our page. This week one person googled "amateurland" and ended up at The Farmstead's blog.

The irony is not lost on me.

You see, about a month ago we were convinced Mrs. Robinson was going to have a baby (if you need to catch up check out our post, "165 Day Gestation Period for Goats?"). We worked ourselves into a huge frenzy waiting for her to kid. A lot of people were involved, both in person and through the power of the Internet,  medical experts and goat experts. Speculation and guessing gave way to multiple diagnoses and even more treatment paths, all in the name of giving birth.

But she never did. Not to a baby goat, not to a sack of fluid, not at all.

We were sad, not because we wanted a baby goat, but because we really really wanted some milk.

Well lucky us, Donna of Edelweiss Acres had an Oberhasli doe, in milk, she was willing to sell.

Woo Hoo! Now we have milk. And, double lucky, it comes in this adorable little package with quite possibly the sweetest disposition we've seen yet in a goat.

Mia named her Coach because she is pretty vocal and apparently Mia's gymnastic coach is also quite vocal. Mr. Nick tagged Daphne onto the end because she really does look like a Daphne. Coach Daphne.

Right now she's still acclimating to the rest of the flock (she's considerably smaller than everyone else and so nice she doesn't defend herself yet, plus she's never met sheep or pigs before). In the mean time Turkish and Cleo have accepted her into their little pack with open paws which is a double bonus because Cleo is learning her goat manners on a smaller scale before running with the whole flock. They adore her...probably because they too have discovered the beauty of fresh goat's milk.

So we may be amateurs, figuring this out as we go, making mistakes along the way...but at least now we are amateurs with our very own goat's milk. Booya!

And just to reassure everyone out there who was rooting for Mrs. Robinson, she's fine! She's back to her old grouchy self, bossing the pigs around the field, pulling on Cincy's big long ears, and making everyone wait while she gets her fill from the feed stand. Yep, she has resumed her position back on the throne as Herd Queen...welcome back Mrs. R, and welcome to the fold Coach Daphne.