Amazing & Awkward: The First Trimester



  • We're growing a life inside of me! It's amazing and humbling and so exciting I could pee my pants (oh wait, that's probably not excitement, that's probably my ever-shrinking bladder).
  • My M♥M gave up three weeks of her Spring to come up to The Farmstead and help get me back on track. This was a big sacrifice for her because she raises and competitively shows over 300 varieties of Dahlias. But instead of working in her own garden she potentially forfeited this year's "crop" to help me paint, clean, de-winterize the barn and shelters, and get ready for Spring. Sometimes you just need some M♥M time...
  • The love and support we have felt from family and friends, people we have known for years and people we have never even met, is overwhelming and so special I'll never be able to describe what it means...thank you.


  • You should never watch all the Alien order, before conceiving a child. Pair that with my pretty rocky first trimester and you get some VERY interesting dreams...I still kind of feel like a face sucker could pop out of my rib cage at any moment and attack my husband...
  • ...which is probably why I call our baby, "the gremlin". That, and it's hard to see her as a turtle or jelly bean or anything adorable and sweet when you know it's her that is making you throw up six times a day. People are sometimes taken aback when they hear me refer to her as the gremlin but, it's grown on me now and I see it as a term of endearment...she's our little gremlin. And, if she's related to me, she'll probably come out pretty furry :)
  • I was so sick the first trimester I actually told my husband, "You broke it, you bought it".
  • We are no strangers to reproduction on the farm having successfully bred sheep, pigs, goats and chickens. Of course it just made sense that we would put all my milestones on that same calendar, right next to "Gumball in heat-Sampson mounted" and "Mahidabelle dropped mucous plug". Note to self: Put calendar away before house guests arrive.
  • One night, while driving with Mr. Nick I felt that impending know, when you're about to lose it. He very quickly pulled over to the nearest parking lot, which happened to be Safeway. I could barely get out of the car before losing the ENTIRE bottle of Gatorade I had been sipping in an effort to replenish fluids. Simultaneously I hear the tiniest little voice scream, "Ewwwwwww! Mommy! What's that lady doing?!!!" I'm fairly certain I scarred that child FOR LIFE.
  • I have always been able to sleep anywhere, but pregnancy brings it to whole different level. The first trimester was plagued with excessive saliva which made for even more attractive sleeping. Honestly, I don't know how Mr. Nick kept his hands off of me :)

Oh boy oh boy, what will the second trimester bring!