Amazing & Awkward: The Second Trimester


Goat Baby Bump_The Farmstead_ 29 Weeks Pregnant The second trimester is behind us! It literally flew by. Thankfully, I feel great. It took me awhile to look pregnant but then I hit 27 weeks and all of a sudden there she was! I turned to Mr. Nick that morning and said, "Oh my gosh, when did I get pregnant?!" Here's a picture of me and Sugaree at 29 weeks pregnant.

The gremlin is a big ball of energy, never stops moving. My own mother has taken a quiet satisfaction in her latest trick, hooking my rib with her foot and pushing it away from my body. Apparently I did the same thing in utero. I would like to apologize profusely now that I am on the other end of womb, it is a terrible, terrible feeling.

Amazing • There is a little tiny gremlin in my belly that, if something went wrong, has a very very good chance of survival outside of my body. That is a very good feeling :)

• According to Mr. Nick,  and I quote, "We could have a baby any time...I mean *poof* we could be parents!" Yep, *poof*, just like that.

• I didn't have a baby shower (because I didn't want one) but we have still been the very lucky recipients of our friends and family's generosity. The gremlin is one lucky girl to be born into this tribe. And seriously, who knew there were so many goat-themed onesies in this world?

Awkward • You know how most people get really cute ultrasound pictures at their 20-week check up? Yeah...We got this. The nurse doing the ultrasound say, "Oh my! Her eyes are WIDE open." Uhhh, yeah, thanks for the creepy baby photo. Where's my cute ultrasound photo of the little hand or foot? We didn't get any of those because the gremlin never stopped moving. Mr. Nick was so proud though. When the nurse was getting upset that she wouldn't stand still for pictures he yells out, "That's my girl!"


• We have enough goat's milk to not only feed the pigs but to also up our personal consumption. I have wisely been making French Vanilla Goat Milk Ice Cream and Goat Milk Caramel on a quite regular basis. Mr. Nick says to me the other day, "Thank goodness you're spending so much time turning the goat milk into a useable product, now we can make it through the winter." I sensed a bit of sarcasm :)

• I asked my midwife about placenta encapsulation. Her response? "Sure you can do that, but you could also just make it into a stew." Oh, silly me :)

• So then I watched Sugaree give birth to her two twins (a truly beautiful experience) and then inhale her placenta (there was a lot of chewing). Let's put it this way.

1 white goat + 1 fresh placenta = 1 nauseous pregnant woman.

• Our local hospital has finally started a milk banking program. I told Mr. Nick I plan to donate if I end up having extra. He immediately responded, "Don't be ridiculous!" {pause} "If you have extra milk we're making cheese." He was of course joking, but he sure does make me laugh.

I can't believe we have less than 75 days before we welcome our little girl into this world...Here's hoping for another easy trimester!