Amazing & Awkward: The Third Trimester


We're almost done, can you believe it?! I'm due in just 1 day! She may have other plans of course, but I hope not...we are so ready to meet her! As a side note, I think Mr. Nick is more ready than me. Sometimes I catch him staring at my belly as if he could will her out. Me and Mr. Nick & Sasha


• Both my parents and grandmother, and Nick's parents, have driven out from Oregon and Ohio to park their campers at the farm to be here for the birth. Already this child is so loved which makes me so happy. How blessed she is and she doesn't even know it yet...It's a very special time.

39 Weeks Pregnant with Bjorn

Awkward • Mr. Nick calls her a "skin covered baby" since she's basically a real baby, just covered in my skin. The term makes me think of her skin though, and then I start thinking well gosh, I hope she's covered in skin. What else could she be covered in? Scales? Moss? Bark?

• The nice woman at the post office commented on how much sun I got this Summer. Um, no. I didn't get any (I'm very good about wearing hats and sunscreen). That's my mask of pregnancy. I look like a raccoon bandit. If anyone wants to go rob a convenience store later, I'm your girl. Although, I may not be so good at the quick getaway part.

• We went to the Rodeo recently, where the American Flag was presented by a team of girls on horseback riding around the arena. I was literally weeping. I couldn't control myself. Oh hormones...


We'll keep you posted on the Gremlin's arrival...until then you can find me walking in the field. Don't worry, I've trained the dogs to call the midwife :)

3 Days to 40 Weeks!