Amazing & Awkward V


  • We had our first lambs born this Summer. And, amazingly enough, it was to the day that we had predicted based on our observation of Cincy's "surfing" expedition. This may not seem like a big deal but, we free-range our sheep together all the time, not just for breeding season. So we feel kind of smart, even though it really was just luck.
  • We have been feasting on Farmstead food. The handsome man is really blossoming in the kitchen, experimenting with different flavors and combinations, using our food as the base. Pork, goat's milk, fruits, veggies, eggs...they're all grown here!
  • Duck Duck and Goose (yes, that's what we've named the new duck) have formed the best friendship. I feel so happy that they have each other. And now instead of one talkative duck we have two. I don't mind the chatter's a little bit like having a laugh track for your life.
  • Our goat's milk soap is pretty great. The perfect amount of lather and moisture combine to leave you feeling really clean. So hooray! No more buying soap at the grocery store!
  • We hit garage sale paydirt this past weekend! A mower for the tractor, a post hole digger, lots of canning jars and a few really nice pots. For $340! Awesome and Amazing!
  • Have you seen the documentary, "Fresh"? We just watched it and yes, I cried. I feel so proud to be part of our Nation's push towards locally, sustainably and humanely grown food.



  • Have you ever seen lambs running around a field? At any moment they might just spontaneously combust off the ground!
  • The handsome man mowed the field with our garage sale find. As we were walking around with dogs, post mowing, Cleo and Turk were able to successfully find lots of field mice. Cute right? Even cuter when Cleo scarfs them down like a starving animal...and did I mention they squeak as they're being ingested? Just like squeaky toys...edible squeaky toys.
  • Not only is there cooking, there's baking. Beignets, goat milk fruit tarts, oatmeal bread...if we keep up with this pace you might have to roll me out of'!
  • Our deck sits pretty high off the ground. As we're sitting there, post dinner, the handsome man takes the opportunity to teach the dogs, "Meat Rain." Yes, it's exactly what you think. He says it, they look up, meat falls down from the sky. And then he says, "I wish someone would meat rain on me."            Oh Mr. Nick, how I love you and our amazingly awkward life!