Amazing & Awkward: VI

Wow, these past few weeks have flown by! I'm already seeing friends talk about the first signs of frost. Yikes! We're still pretty warm for us but there is definitely a chill to the mornings. That's okay though, with a warm goat udder to wrap your hands around every morning you'll never be chilly (yeah right!)


• Mr. Nick is 31! We celebrated his birthday Farmstead style by BBQ'ing a pig leg. He used his birthday money from my parents to get a new dairy goat from Puget Sound Goat Rescue (where Bjorn, Toto and Mrs. Robinson all came from). She's a Saanen and sooo sweet. We named her Sugaree after the Grateful Dead song.

• We went to the most amazing wedding in Ohio, which happened to be for Mr. Nick's little brother. It was held on his new wife's parent's farm and looked exactly like all those amazing farm weddings you see on Pinterest. Love! I was so proud of Mr. Nick, who, as the best man, gave a speech that had all of us laughing and in tears at the same time. And did I mention the dancing?! Yes, we danced all night long under the stars. It was perfection. Congratulations to the newest Taylors!

• While in Ohio we visited Spring Hill Farm. I've admired Dave's farm and his Tamworths for quite awhile now so it was great to finally meet him in person and see his set-up. Pigs on crates, ever. Not even for the little pigs. It was a great sight! And hopefully we'll be bringing out some of his stock this next Spring. Fingers crossed it works out!

• Now that we're not so frenzied with the work of Summer we have more time to enjoy the space around us. We have been going on the best walks, discovering 100 year old trees, on our property! I feel like the keeper of something so precious and's an amazing feeling.


• While out on one of the aforementioned walks with Mr. Nick and the goats I noticed that Mrs. Robinson had a dingleberry hanging from her butt. Since I'm so nice I reached out and brushed it off for her. Then, almost simultaneously, Mr. Nick came out of the bushes with a handful of blackberries. He told me to stick out my hand so I did. Then I popped them in my mouth      {oops}   Did I mention it was the same hand? Yes, that's awkward.

• I think a few of our sheep are newly pregnant. How do I know this? Our milk room has a wire wall into the sheep barn, so everyone can see what's going on. While milking Nana, Fauxthena came up and put her head through the wire to get some smooches. And then Cincy came up behind her, also to get some smooches, but not from me. And then he mounted her..super awkward. I mean, I want to be part of our animal's lives, but I'm not sure that I need to be this involved.

• We added two goats to our farm this week. The one was planned (Mr. Nick's birthday present) but then the other was a surprise. Please see, "I promise we're not hoarding goats" to learn all about Mahidabelle!

Here's hoping that your weekend is fabulously amazing and just a little awkward.

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