Because it's important: A blog we believe in

This is Oly. He is a teeny tiny ball of bossiness and kisses. When he comes to The Farmstead he runs the show. Yes, that's right. Turkish and Cleo follow his lead. It's the funniest thing you've ever seen.

Oly belongs to a very special person, someone we are proud to call a friend. And our dear friend, Erin, has started a blog.

4Evan is a blog about suicide prevention, awareness and survivorship:

For the love of my brother, Evan, who died by suicide in February 2010, I am devoted to bring meaning to his life through my actions today.

Erin is a board member for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Washington Chapter. She is also one of the most tireless advocates I know.

Every time I talk with Erin I learn something new. I'm often embarrassed by own ignorance...but, that's why Evan's blog is so amazing. It doesn't judge, it educates.

I hope you'll take the time to read her post, "Stop saying committed suicide." It's important.

And, if you are a survivor of suicide, maybe you'll consider the Memorial Wall?

I'm happy to say The Farmstead will donate a portion of all proceeds from the sale of our t-shirts to this important cause.

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