Because I've wanted a horse my whole life...


...and all the unicorns were taken. Meet Sue Ellen, or, Swell.

Sue Ellen and Viola

She is an American Mammoth Donkey.

And she's mine. I couldn't be more thrilled.

Mammoth Donkey

You see, I'm mature enough to understand that, as a working farm, we can't just have horses with no rhyme or reason. Horses are expensive and I know that.

But when we brought Viola to the farm we started to realize just how low maintenance and fabulous donkeys are. And so one night I walked up from doing chores and approached Mr. Nick.

"I'm never going to stop wanting a horse," I said, "but I know we can't afford one. So, maybe we could look at getting a mammoth donkey for me.'

And what does he say?

"Yes, you should do that. We only live once, right?"

SQUEEEEE! I couldn't believe my good luck! I thought for sure I was going to have to present a good case for how I was going to teach her to plow the vegetable garden in order to earn her keep. But I didn't. And this is where I love Mr. Nick. He pushes back a lot (usually because I have really outlandish ideas on a daily basis), but for whatever reason, this time he didn't.

And so Sue Ellen is here at the farm to stay. A pony for Mommy :)

Donkeys at The Farmstead

ps: Do you like my sweater? My mom made it for me! It's 100% wool and soooooo warm! Lucky me!

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