Book Review: The Quarter Acre Farm


The Quarter Acre Farm: How I Kept the Patio, Lost the Lawn, and Fed My Family for a Year I enjoyed this book, not because I think it was particularly valuable as a how-to book (she lives in Southern California and we, well, don't) but more as a, keep your sense of humor book. I did learn some pretty valuable things from this book (mainly, that I don't think Geese are in our future if we ever expect to have visitors at The Farmstead) but unfortunately she doesn't go into a lot of detail.

That's okay though, she's funny and her family is funny. When she talked about roaming around her gardens in her bathrobe I laughed out loud...I actually have an "outdoor bathrobe" that I switch into when going out to feed in the mornings.

This book did inspire me to grow mushrooms (which we did with great success) and taught me the difference between crimini and portabella mushrooms (portabella mushrooms are just a few days older, who knew!)

Even if you don't plan on turning your front lawn into a garden I suggest this book. It's one of those that you can put down and pick back up without having to rehash what happened right before.

ps: if you click here it will link to Amazon where you can buy it, we don’t get anything if you purchase it, I just like when websites are helpful like that.