Recently a friend contacted us wanting to know if we would like some bunnies. He had originally gotten them for his girls but they were having a hard time finding the time to give them the luxurious life that he thought they deserved. They weren't neglected by any means, but they did spend a lot of time in their hutch. So, this weekend Mr. Nick and I loaded up in the truck and scooted over to his house. He very generously gave us the hutch, a giant food container, a month's worth of food and, of course, two bunnies.

Meet Lenny & George (are there any Steinbeck fans out there?) They're brothers who have now found a place next to the chickens. Eventually they will free range with the chickens but we want to take it slow (I've seen my share of youtube videos and read enough stories of the chickens killing the bunnies). So for now they have a little bit of earth to call their own and a place on our farm. Welcome guys!