In the past, silence on this blog has meant my life was falling apart. Which is why I’m so thankful to some of you kind souls who have reached out to me in this time of silence to see if I’m ok. Truly, this is the best community.

But, I’m happy to report. Everything is more than okay.

The Farmstead has grown, not just with Matthew, my new partner in life, love and all things farming. But Gizmo and I have also welcomed Brian to the farm.

Brian is a local boy, born and raised in South Bay just outside downtown Olympia. Almost two years ago he answered a gas station ad advertising for help needed at The Farmstead. When he called me my life was just beginning to implode and I dodged him. I was so hesitant to bring another person into the chaos that was happening at the farm in the middle of the end of my marriage that I kept making excuses and telling him that I didn’t need help.


Finally though, I did. About 6 months after Brian first called I asked him if he would help me scoop out the barn from a season of deep bedding. We worked side by side that day. I felt such an ease working with him that I found myself asking him to come back and help me some more.

Over time it became evident that Brian’s dreams and goals for the creamery were right in line with mine. A happy realization as I was also coming to terms with the fact that buying the farm from my ex-husband in the divorce meant that I would not be quitting my corporate job anytime soon.

When Matthew moved onto the farm as part of our family (are you getting dizzy yet?) I finally felt comfortable asking Brian to move onto the farm too.

The plan is (don’t you just love plans?) for Brian to manage the day to day operations of the Creamery when we get licensed in February. The Farmstead is lucky to have him. Brian is a Renaissance man who has lived off the grid for years, can forage for food in any situation and has a knack with the animals. He’s a skilled hunter and a brilliant cook. And his cheese. Oh his cheese. I thought I was passionate about making good cheese. Brian puts me to shame.


And so yes, I’m creating a harem of men. And I love it. Both these men adore my daughter and treat both of us with a kindness and respect that I’ve never had before. One of them, Matthew, I’m building a life outside of the farm with. I honestly don’t know how I got so lucky to find my perfect match. As Matthew and I were getting ready for our 60s themed family photo this weekend I laid out the top and shirt I had picked up at the thrift store for him. Instead of just putting it on he started zsushing up the outfit. He produced a fabulous belt buckle, a vest and requested a bandana (yes it has kitten paws on it) to go with his look. Of course, anyone who knows me, knows this delighted me in every way possible. A man who doesn’t think I’m ridiculous or over the top. A man who may actually puts me to shame in the costume department (seriously, when he first moved in and I was hanging up his clothes I actually took photos of some of his outfits and sent them to my mom.) A man who doesn't have to take me with a grain of salt because he doesn't see anything odd or strange about me.

The photo turned out amazing (you can see it over on facebook) but the one I'm probably framing for the wall is this outtake. I have no idea what Matthew's master plan was with that handful of hay, Giz is mid-sneeze and the goats were being jerks.  It's just SO PERFECT I can't help but smile every time I look at it. Which is really pretty much all I've been doing lately. Lots of smiling.


About a month ago I was running a very high fever which led to some weird dreams and some even more ridiculous babbling. Somewhere in the middle of the night I spouted off to Matthew that I wanted to add peacocks to the farm. He could have just brushed me aside and ignored me since I was raving like a lunatic (I’m pretty sure I was also telling him to be sure to ask the rabbit what time it was. Spoiler alert, we don't have a rabbit.) but he didn’t. After I was better we talked about it and decided that peafowl really added to the magic of what The Farmstead is. It may seem silly, but those dang peacocks are a metaphor for how the farm has changed. Here is a man who doesn’t just want to see my dreams come true, he wants to add to them and make them even more fabulous. Because you see, they’re no longer my dreams. They’re ours.

And the beauty of Brian living on the farm means we can also take the time to grow and build our dreams outside of the farm. This fall we went on vacation to Joshua Tree National Park. Matthew is a seasoned rock climber but it was the first time for me and the Giz. She was an amazing little climber and impressed everyone she came into contact with.

Gizmo Climbing, Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree National Park Climbing

When I asked her what her favorite part of the vacation was she said, "Being two!" I have to agree, her life is pretty dang awesome. But you know what. So is mine.

That's probably why we're the two luckiest girls in the whole world.

Joshua Tree National Park

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