Farmstead Contest: Name our Pig!

If you remember, we brought home three pigs this past weekend. Two little girls and a boy. They are the foundation of our Heritage Pig Adventure. (read more about them by clicking here). Mr. Nick and I have named the boy Sampson and one of the girls Delilah, but the other little girl needs a name! Remember, these pigs are staying for a very long time as the future mothers and father of our Tamworths.

So we're running a contest.

On The Farmstead we save all building materials but keep them sorted by types. This is our 3" coarse thread drywall screw jar.

The jar is 6 3/4" tall. The diameter at the bottom is 5".

Entering is easy:

  • Leave a comment on this post with the number representing how many screws you think are in this jar. (If it's your first time commenting on our blog your post won't show up immediately but it will show up, we have a terrible problem with spam).
  • Don't submit your name yet! But start thinking about it

We'll count the screws Friday night (we have no idea how many are in the jar either) and share the results Monday morning...whoever guesses the number that is closest (no Price is Right rules, you can go over) will win!

Not only will you get to name her but I'll even send you an autographed picture of your honorary pig <3

Good luck!