Farmstead Easter Egg Hunt, 2012


This weekend we celebrated the Season with our very first event, an Easter Egg Hunt...and, if I must say so myself, it was a smashing success! Besides hunting for eggs around the farm our younger guests got to hold chickens, feed goats, throw food to the pigs, snuggle with the baby peeps and, perhaps best of all for the around until they were totally pooped! I loved watching the children (and the adults!) experience the joy that a farm can bring to your life as we learned about how goats chew, what chickens really feel like and that yes, sometimes it's better to look than touch.

When Noah, the twelve year old son of a friend, showed up in his new rubber boots (to account for the mud) I said, "Noah, you're dressed to go muck stalls!" Noah replied, "What's that?" Fast forward two hours and Noah was teaching the younger kids how to feed the goats with a flat hand and reaching in to catch baby peeps for the little kids to hold. Now when I said, "Noah, you're a real pro at catching the peeps" he exclaimed, "I'm becoming a farm boy!" I.LOVE.IT!! As he was leaving to go to baseball practice he gave me a big hug and said, "Thank you for sharing your farm with us." sigh. it's our pleasure.

Enjoy the pictures below...if you'd like to see more visit our facebook page at Oh yeah, don't forget to like it while you're there!

And, if you're feeling suggestive, leave us a note in the comments sharing some of the things you've seen other Easter Egg hunts do...we're always looking to be better!

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