How To Name a Spotted Pig

Thank you to everyone who helped us come up with names for the new Old Spots! Courtney, Jessa and Lourdes, you win! Woo Hoo! A Farmstead sticker, and, I'm printing you an 8" x 10" of this photo I took last night. I just can't top it.

Old Spot Hogs

Courtney, you had our favorite name suggestion with Lady Macbeth. As an English major and lover of all things Shakespeare I have to say, "Out, damned spot! out, I say!"

Lady! As in Macbeth, because I have an odd sense of humor… But goodness they are cute!

Jessa, I literally laughed out loud when I thought of your cat being named Thunder. And so, Run Spot Run is the second girl.

Run. As in… run, spot, run. :) Makes me giggle just typing it. PS. My cat’s name is Thunder so that every time someone asks her name I get to say “Thunder. Like thunder… thunder… thundercat! Hoeooooh.

And finally Lourdes:

I think Tittle as in the little dot over the /i/ and /j/ would be a great name maybe for the littlest of the new girls. By the way, great looking piggies!

So there you have it. Lady Macbeth, Run Spot and Tittle! You're officially Farmstead piggies now!

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