Great Dog Advice & Cute T-Shirts


We were not your typical animal household. In fact, we had cats, chickens, goats, sheep and pigs before we decided that yes, now is the time to get dog. We knew we wanted to rescue so we started contacting local shelters and telling them about us and our farm. We were 100% honest. The dog we adopted would be loved and taken care of, would not want for anything, but...our dog will have a job and our dog will not live in our house. We filled out A LOT of applications only be strung along, have to provide more paperwork and then, get turned down. We were frustrated. We knew that whatever dog we brought home to The Farmstead was going to have a GREAT life...but no one seemed to believe us.

Of course, we finally did find the right rescue (Barks R Us in Yakima, WA) and we did get to bring Turkish home. But, in the process I got fed up and googled, "Are animal rescues too snobby" just to find some solace online.

That's when I "met" Lindsay, of That Mutt. She owns and runs (no pun intended) a dog walking/running business in Fargo, North Dakota. In addition she's my go-to person for dog training and behavior advice. Her post, "Do dog shelters make it too difficult to adopt" won me over.

In following Lindsay I "met" Stacey Lauren, an incredibly talented and passionate designer and owner of RIC (click here to visit her etsy shop). Her t-shirts are not only beautiful, but they give back (you can read all about it on the shop page).

So imagine my delight when I was browsing her collection and saw a German Shepherd shirt, that said "Guardian!" Uh hello, MFEO (Sleepless in Seattle, anyone? okay, okay...Made for Each Other)

I used coupon code THATMUTT and got 15% off and my shirt literally shipped the next day. It came and I love it!

I asked Turkish and he loves it too...but he thinks it should have said "Farm Guardian" (he's pretty proud of his job) even if his ears never pop and he doesn't look a thing like that t-shirt puppy :)

Thank you Lindsay and Stacey. I am so glad to "know" you.

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