Gumball the Pig


A huge thank you to everyone who participated in our naming contest! There were actually 346 screws in the bucket. Josh Whitford guessed 351. Only two other people guessed in the 300s. I'm a little shocked that so many screws fit in that jar. I guess it just goes to show you it pays to save your building supplies and reuse them. But enough of that, on to the name!!

Josh has decided to name this little girl Gumball. He also suggested that she get her own twitter handle but that's another conversation (What age is to young for social media? Is it going to affect her study time? etc.). We think it's a perfect name and are absolutely thrilled. She's the tiniest of the three (although I'm not sure that will always be the case) and kind of cute and perky. I wonder what flavor gumball she would be?

We're thrilled that so many people participated in our contest and feel a little sad that the names you all were dreaming up may never be used. So, if you'd like to, please leave a note in the comments with what your name was. Who knows, maybe we'll use it on a future animal. Or maybe, we'll just get a chuckle out of it. Had Brycen won, and he was close with a guess of 375, this little girl would have been named "Shark Week".

So please, let us know. And again, thanks for stopping by!