How clean is your water?


This weekend Home Depot offered a "free water testing" to anyone who brought in 5 oz. of their water. Of course, the testing was sponsored by Kinetico Water Systems so you had to be prepared to hear the very minimal sales pitch about their water filtering system. We found out that our water has a PH of 7.3 which is on the alkaline side of fabulous (according to the man this will be great for my skin). We have 0 iron and 0 chlorine (awesome!) and our hardness is at 4. This is the only thing that concerns me as every house we have lived in in the Pacific Northwest has PLAGUED me with the calcium spots on the shower doors, curtains, everything. But that's okay, we have time to fix that.

What I most wanted to share was the Consumer Reports printout they provided rating different water filter system. Some of these things I have never heard of, who knew there were so many options? I will definitely be researching further before purchasing!