Introducing...The Farmstead


It's been awhile since we posted, and for that I apologize, as you can see, the barn is done. We also built a chicken coop and added Boots and Izzy, two fabulous mousers to our family (that's Boots in my arms). We've been busy...busy finishing our projects and busy planning our lives for the rest of forever.

When the handsome man and I decided to move out of the suburbs we didn't know exactly where our dreams would take us. But, in building our barn we learned more about ourselves and each other than years of being together had ever taught us. I learned that I am so blessed to be married to a man who pushes me to be the absolute best version of myself every single day. I like to think that he learned the same thing about me but I think it might be a tad presumptious to assume :) Above all, we learned that, we love it here, on this perfect plot of Earth. Leaving every day is not something we enjoy. And so, we made the give it a go, and to become farmers.

I couldn't be more proud to pursue such an honorable profession, and I couldn't be more lucky to have my best friend and partner as a teammate. I know it will be a slow journey, but it's one that we are absolutely passionate about. And so, from now, you won't see us write as TNTBuilds, which was nothing more than a fake company we made up. Instead we'll write as The Farmstead, which, in good time, will become a real business. Until then, it will be two people chasing a dream with all they've got. Because honestly, there isn't any other way to chase a dream :)

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