Keeping track of your outdoor cats


Okay, it's no secret. We are suckers for cats. In fact, the handsome man and I spent the first five years of our marriage with just cats. We've obviously expanded our menagerie but, we will always hold a soft spot for cats. When we started to have a mouse problem we knew we wanted to treat the problem organically, the way nature intended. No chemicals, just feline :)

But, we also know that we live in the woods where, on more than one occasion, we have heard the pack of coyotes howling at the moon. So if we were going to get barn cats they were going to be locked up at night, snug and tight in the barn. Every night. No excuses.

The problem is of course that sometimes cats have their own agenda. But that's okay too, because we can track their furry little butts down with the "Loc8tor Pet - Ultimate Wireless Pet Locator." You can read all about it through the Amazon link (we don't get anything if you purchase it, I just like when people link to the product they are talking about). Also, I've never been able to find one locally. The long and short of this post is, it works. Sometimes you have to walk for a little bit to get a signal but no matter what we have always been able to track down the babies and send them back to the barn.

What I think is the funniest part is that Izzy knows when her collar starts beeping it's time to come in for dinner. Usually I can just stand in one place and hear the signal get stronger because she's making her way back to the barn.

And finally, both cats wear toy poodle harnesses from Wonder Walker in Seattle. I get them at MudBay in Hawks Prairie. They started out wearing collars but they were the breakaway kind and I was constantly locating their collars and not them. Not my goal. So with the harness they still run the risk of getting stuck on something but, only until I can find them. And we haven't had a problem yet. Plus I think they look like adorable little service animals running around the farm.