Life with Gizmo


It's Winter in the Pacific Northwest, and we have a new baby, so the days have been deliciously long. Here's a few snapshots from our Winter. And before anyone says anything, yes, we don't really have that many clothes see, we heat with a wood stove, so it's pretty warm in our home. And if I censored photographs because everyone was topless I'd never have any photos of my family. Bootsy wants to know, "Why are we yelling?!" These poor cats (there are six of them), they're still warming up to the idea of a roommate.

Why are we yelling

This is what "Awesome" looks like.


Mirror time is the most fun.

Gizmo and Daddy

Snuggles with Daddy.

Sleeping Daddy

I found this picture on my camera by surprise, while I was downloading some photos I had just taken. The Handsome Man must have taken it while I was napping with my Gizmo.

Sleeping Mommy

Story time with Daddy.

Story Time

Hippy Chicks...

Hippy Chicks

Love this little girl. There are no words to explain how she has enriched our lives. Every morning we wake up and just can't wait to see what a new day with her will bring.