Milk Bath Maternity Photos


When a professional photographer as talented as the fabulous Brandi from Aspin Photography tells you to take off your clothes and get in a water trough full of milk, you listen. And then you weep when you see the results. Because you had no idea that bathing in a huge vat of milk in the middle of your field, while your goats graze and your daughter holds you is something your soul was missing. But it turns out it was.

Thank you Brandi for capturing this last week of pregnancy, the land we love so much, and the incredible happiness that this life has brought to me. You are a true genius.






Brandi is a lifestyle photographer in Olympia, Washington. She photographed our VooDoo Doughnut Wedding and never ceases to amaze me with her ability to turn chaos into beauty and her visions into reality. A true artist.

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