More land for The Farmstead!

It's official! Our farm has grown by 10 acres, meaning we are now a 16 acre farm! After a very intense, very involved 6 month process the boundary line adjustments are complete and we have closed on the parcels to the left and to the right of us. I am personally so proud of the handsome man for all the time and effort he put into the process. As a civil engineer he was able to work on many pieces that not only saved us money but also makes it feel even more special now that it's done. So what does more land mean for The Farmstead?

While you might think the most natural progression is to do a vegetable CSA, our local area already has several amazing farms offering this service so we're not sure that it's something our community needs.

For now we're going to focus on growing enough food for ourselves, and our animals (reference: The great chicken food debate). There is talk of cows, and more pigs...have I mentioned how much we enjoy the pigs? We do. (That's me and Sampson, our boar, up above. He's 7 months old and just over 200 pounds. He loves getting back scratches.)

Plus, the tiny house bed and breakfast can now become a reality, since the site we picked for it was on the new land.

But most important, more land will allow us to keep farming the way we want to, without confinement and on pasture.

Which means, first things first, we must fence our new property lines so Turkish and Cleo have something to patrol!