Mother's Day

This past weekend I celebrated my first Mother’s Day. It was special for two reasons. First, I’m a mother now. Gizmo is quite possibly the most delightful creature on this planet. Lucky, blessed, fortunate...yeah, I'm all those because I get to call her daughter.

Second, my mother was here to celebrate it with us. She drove herself the 6 hours from her home down in Oregon to spend a weekend at the farm. Her first weekend at the farm since the accident.

5 months ago my mother was run over by her truck. Her list of injuries was extensive: a completely shattered pelvis, a broken sacrum, eleven broken ribs and a lung with a hole in it. It was a horrific accident made  especially traumatic because it happened to one of the strongest women I know.

I will never forget the agony of that first sleepless 24 hours, glued to her side in an emergency room in downtown Seattle, waiting for answers.

Gizmo and Gramma in the Garden

This weekend us girls planted our entire vegetable garden and we brought a buckling home. And when I say planted…we also had to prepare the garden from last year which means weeding, raking, hoeing…all those things that you have to do when you have a baby at the end of a growing season and you forget to go outside and tuck your garden in for Winter.

My mother never once complained.

I kept suggesting that she should sit down or take a break but she believes that the only way you get stronger is to challenge yourself.


I suppose she knows what her body is capable of. She is ahead of schedule on every single milestone. A true testament to clean living and hard work.

I’m not sure but I’m willing to wager that not everyone would have survived her accident. What's tougher than a 1-Ton Diesel? My M♥M .

Only once did she have to sit down because her back was going into spasms. I mean, seriously. We knew she was a fighter. But even that word doesn't seem powerful enough to describe her.

In the end I suppose you don’t really need labels. All that matters is she’s here.

And if you want to get picky about labels then how's this...

She's my M♥M and Gizmo's Gramma. That seems pretty darn perfect to me. 



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