Rain rain, go away...but only when you're ready

We met with our well driller last night to finalize the spot for our well and, much to our dismay, have to put the drilling on hold until we go through one week of solid sun and can project another week after that. When the company parceled the five plots in our development they chose the well sites based on paper boundaries and not what made sense based on grading of the land or placement of trees. Unfortunately for us this site happens to be in the middle of our "front forest". We lucked out in that we won't lose any trees to prepare the area (it's not as heavily treed as the "back forest") but we didn't luck out in the super steep decline into the front.

We have three options: 1. Bring in truckloads and truckloads of gravel in order to "pave" a good path for the rigs 2. Move the well site or 3. Wait for the sun. The idea of bringing in gravel to blanket our ground is not appealing to us and according to our well driller moving a well site is an act of congress (although he's checking on it today). As far as we're concerned the choice is easy...we're Pacific Northwesterners...waiting for the sun is what we do best!

But, until it comes we're not going to wish our lives away. Spring in Washington is one of my favorite times of year, the trees finally have their color back but because of the constant rain showers everything takes on a misty sheen. Standing in the middle of the tree roots and Jurassic ferns last night, soaking wet and just a little chilly, I fell in love with the moodiness of our land.

So Mr. Sun, take your time...but we're ready for you when you do decide to come out!