She thinks his tractor's sexy


Yesterday we made the 3 hour drive down to Hood River, Oregon to purchase our very own Kubota Tractor (Mr. Nick called up and down the coast and Sheppard's Tractors had the cheapest price by far).

We thought about it for a long time, deciding whether or not we needed to purchase one, and finally decided that yes, as owner builders having a tractor will enable us to do many things on our own. (digging the trenching for the electrical, cable, and well; digging the septic system; hauling tree stumps; leveling areas for building; digging our pond; the list goes on).

To rent the tractor for a day is upwards of $250. Kubota is offering a great deal right now: 0% down, 0% interest for 60 months. So our monthly payments are less than the price to rent it once per month--that means all we need to do is use it once a month for the next five years and we'll have come out on top.

As my mother pointed out, living on 5+ acres you will ALWAYS find a use for a tractor/backhoe. Plus, I kind of like the way Mr. Nick looks on it...I guess Kenny Chesney was right, she does think his tractor's sexy!

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