Sheep & Pigs, together?


This weekend we picked up the Christmas Eve sheep to complete our flock aaaaaannnnndddd, we brought home two baby pigs from Dobbs Creek Farm, a local dairy turned pig and cow operation, right near us. The pigs and sheep will live together (until the pigs go to the butcher, but we're not talking about that for now.)

At first the sheep weren't sure, these snuffly little creatures barging in, rooting around their feet. There was quite a bit of foot stomping from the ladies but also some very curious nudges and sniffing.

Last night I went out to check on everyone and could only see the sheep gathered in a flock. I started to panic a little thinking they had burrowed out and run to freedom, or worse, but then I heard them. For anyone who has never heard a pig they sound exactly like a sick kid. Snuffle snuffle, sniff sniff, heavy breathing, etc. etc. etc. So I got down low and looked closer only to find two tiny little pigs standing underneath the Mama's bellies. Kind of made my heart melt...I love our farm.

Unless they start walking around on two legs...then we may have to separate them.