The Farmstead Wedding


As many of you already know, Matthew and I had a formal wedding ceremony at our farm this Summer after our official wedding at VooDoo Doughnuts last winter. Getting ready for the wedding was a wee bit stressful (probably not our brightest idea ever to have a wedding during the infant stages of our son and our goat dairy). Thankfully, my entire family came up from Texas and Oregon the week prior and Matthew's family showed up just a few days later to help turn our bit of earth from a working farm (where there is the poop of free ranging animals everywhere) to a pop-up wedding venue. We absolutely could not have done it without any of them and I am continually reminded how lucky we  are to both come from such hard working families.  tuller_0538 This is me, knowing just how lucky I am to have this man love me for exactly who I am.

tuller_0543 tuller_0564 tuller_0497

My mom and I made my bouquet out of vintage brooches and her 1980s earring collection. It weighs about 100 pounds but it sure is fun. tuller_0665 tuller_0697 tuller_0704tuller_0611 tuller_0502 tuller_0074 tuller_0240 tuller_0424

Matthew is a bow hunter. This was his first buck. He wanted to get married under it as a way of honoring the animal. tuller_1203 tuller_1198

Can you guess what we were doing while waiting for cheese to culture? We were practicing dancing of course!tuller_1021 tuller_1032 tuller_1081 tuller_1194 tuller_1398

My parents...tuller_0803

My brother and his family.tuller_0115

Matthew and his dad and brother.tuller_0778

The original four.tuller_0163

Matthew's mom and all her kiddos. Plus Banzai.


You don't see much of them on the blog, but this little family is one of the life forces behind The Farmstead. In 1000 different ways they have been there for us, our children, and our animals.tuller_0056 tuller_0069

tuller_0963Our farm. Always a work in progress. Next step. Cover crop.

Photo Credit: Aspin Photography. Seriously. I can't say it enough. Brandi is the most talented photographer I know. She doesn't normally do weddings but made an exception because she loves goats so much. She has a few mini sessions open for our Open Farm Weekend on October 23. You can still book!

Wedding Planner: Bright & Co Events

Decorations & Landscaping: This is all my mother. For months prior to the wedding my mom had the foresight to start planting and shaping things in a way that would give us some really sacred spaces on the day of the wedding and for the time afterwards. My amazing sister-in-law did the floral and peacock decorations on the wedding arbor.

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