The last year of my 20s begins


Today is Earth Day. Today is also my birthday. 29 years old!

The handsome man and I had been planning all week to take Bjorn and Toto off the farm for a birthday hike. Their first real hike! So we got up early, fed and loaded them up. We got to the trail head, put their cowbells on, and started to walk. About half a mile in, Mr. Nick asked if we could take a break. Sure, I said, and then I really looked at him. He looked awful. Perhaps I should also mention that we had both been sick all week. But I was feeling better so I just imagined he was on the up and up as well. Turns out, he wasn't. We turned around, dropped the goats back at The Farmstead and headed to the urgent care clinic. 2 hours later Mr. Nick was back home and drugged up with a very very bad sinus infection.

So what's a girl to do? Well, I'm not gonna lie. I  was a little sad that our day had been hijacked by sickness. We very rarely take time out to "play" and hiking with the boys was something we had both been looking forward to. It was such a beautiful day I couldn't bring myself to be inside, especially when I knew Mr. Nick needed to sleep, so I headed outside and puttered around for a few hours. I was trying hard not to feel blue, but not really succeeding, when Mr. Nick poked his head around the corner of the barn, big smile on his face! He had rallied enough to still spend our day together...what a guy! You see, I was sad that our hike was cancelled but I was the most sad that we had missed our day to hang out and relax together.

We spent the rest of my birthday planting seeds, building bee boxes and sitting and snuggling with our animals. It was, all in all, a perfect day and I am reminded once again of just how lucky I am.