The Lemon Goats


Bjorn and Toto were our first "barnyard pets" after the chickens. They were, if you will, the gateway drug to a farming lifestyle. While every other animal (except the house cats) has a job on The Farmstead, Bjorn and Toto get away with being cute. I have started Bjorn wearing a backpack, although I'm not sure we will find the time to go packing with them as we originally intended, and you're not really supposed to pack until they are about 3 or 4 years old since they take that long to grow. So now I have moved my sights to having them work around the farm. You know, carrying my first aid kit, weeding strawberry beds, protecting the livestock...ha!

It's probably more likely they will continue, as they have since day one, to be the comic relief. Today I was opening the door to get in the barn which triggered their super acute senses and sent them sprinting around the corner to come see me. They had escaped from their pens like the very bad goats that they are and were trying to bully their way into the door. I caught Toto with my leg just as he was crossing the threshold and was leaning down to push him back out when Mrs. Robinson being well, Mrs. Robinson, gave the door a good heavy ram. Yep, that worked, swung it right open. Ouch. Oh yeah, did I mention I had Sasha in my hands (in her carrier thank goodness) as we were just returning from the vet? What's a girl to do?

Well in this case I screamed, "Bad goats! You are very bad goats!!" They did not care, instead frolicking with glee around the barn, soooooo happy to be inside! I realize of course, how moronic I must have looked which, even while it was happening, was very funny. The best part? I ushered them back outside, gave them a stern talking to, and put them back away...and they were still just happy as can be.

Have you heard the phrase, "When life hands you a lemon, trade it for a goat." I'd make that trade in a heartbeat, there's just something about a goat to brighten your day (even if you do have a headache to go along with it).


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