Zoomie Drive-by

The Farmstead hosted a fellow Zoomie and his family this weekend as they were making their way from one duty station to another. (In case you're wondering, Zoomies are USAFA grads. They call us that because being at the Academy is like being at the zoo, people come and look over the wall and throw candy.) Of course their impishly adorable girl stole our hearts. And not just because she knew more French than English, although a small child speaking French could be the cutest thing I've ever seen.

Apart from being incredibly well behaved (love that!) she also seems to have a soft spot for chickens.

As soon as she figured out there was a ramp into the chicken house she climbed right in. We thought she would come out but boy were we wrong! She stayed in there for quite awhile, feeding the girls.

What was she feeding them you ask? Their eggs :) Once she taught herself eggs crack open she had lots of chickens around her, eating the shells (which is good for them) and enjoying the yolk (which isn't a great habit but I'm not too worried about it). After eggs she moved to the grain and started scooping it out for them. By the time she emerged from the chicken house a yolky, grainy mess she was quite pleased with herself.

She had also gained about 30 friends for life. The Pied Piper of Chickens.



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