Adding a goat for milk


They say goats are like potato chips, it's hard to have just one. "They" may be right. We have loved having Bjorn and Toto, but they're packgoats first, and boys always. Milk is something we want to add to our farm but a cow feels a little to large scale for this stage of the game. And so, we called up our dear friend Barbara at Puget Sound Goat Rescue and shared with her our wish to have fresh goats milk. We knew we wanted to rescue from her organization again because we so believe in her cause and we had such a good experience with Bjorn and Toto, but we also knew that it goes against a rescue organization to breed. However, the only way to get milk is for a goat to have a kid. And so, we were very honest up front and Barbara agreed to let us adopt a doe with the understanding that not only would we keep the kid but we would also neuter if it was a boy (in goats the only population control is to neuter the males who go from being Bucks to Wethers after neutering). We of course were thrilled and loaded up for another trip north to pick our goat!

When we arrived Barbara showed us three beautiful does, but none of them "felt right" and so she suggested we head over to another pasture where she had one last doe. We did, and as soon as we pulled up there was this lovely lady, just staring at us in the perfect way and I knew, that's our goat.

Please meet, Mrs. Robinson (who we named because we knew she would be coming home to live with two much younger boys). She is a LaMancha doe, about 3 or 4 years old. I'm not sure if you can tell but LaMancha's are unique in that they don't have the normal "goat ears". They have either gopher ears (which kind of look like furry human ears) or elf ears (which look like little tiny wings). Mrs. Robinson has elf ears.

She's bossy and stubborn and, from what we can tell, way smarter than the boys. I know she will bring love and laughter to our lives...and hopefully, milk! Now to find her a boyfriend...