What's one more cat?


This afternoon I got a call from the handsome man inquiring whether I wanted another cat. I quickly thought it over and said no, we don't need another cat.

He didn't get a chance to answer me as he said he had to go to a meeting really quick...hmmmmm. A few hours later I get an email with a photo of a cat, who looks more like a bobcat than anything else. I immediately called Mr. Nick, "So did we get another cat?" He replies, "Well, uh, she's kind of great, no?"

"Bring her home. She can become another barn cat," I reasoned.

She is nothing but skin and bones, dirt caked into her skin and visibly open wounds on her body. As it turns out a guy in Mr. Nick's engineering firm found her while visiting a job site. She was just sitting there, cute as a button, in a drain pipe. There is no way we can put her in the barn (although she has obviously been living outside her entire life). And so, here is our newest family member, Six. She is both our sixth cat and has six toes. She's currently living in the bathroom where she is doing a lot of sleeping and a lot of eating. Oh, and a lot of purring when she's getting pet. I see what he means...she is a very sweet cat.