Amazing and Awkward: II


March is here! Can you believe it? February was a month filled with lots of progress! Here's a wrap-up: Amazing

• Two years ago we bought our land and I am still amazed we get to call this bit of Earth home.

• The handsome man framed the laying house in three days. I mean honestly, I can't believe I'm married to him and, lucky me, I get to spend the rest of my life with him. Every day he just impresses me even more.

• We made "friends" with two farmers this week. Misty Ridge Stables is in Taft, Tennessee and Spring Hill Farms is in Newark, Ohio. I'm excited to learn from both of them.

• We cancelled cable, which I thought would go under the awkward category but instead it's amazing. With the television not constantly on, even as background noise, I feel like we have more time to focus on each other and on the farm.


• Boots and Izzy have been spending a lot more time inside. Basically when we head in for the night they come in too (they used to sleep in the barn in their heated kitty camper). Unfortunately, Izzy has decided that she would much rather just stay inside all the time (thank you!). So now we have 5 indoor cats. I'm optimistic that Izzy will head back outside when the weather gets nicer (we've had a really crappy run of pelting ice rain) but until then she's squatting indoors. In my underwear drawer. After she's thrown all the underwear on the floor.

• We are getting so many requests of people wanting to come visit! But, we're just not ready. Although the photos look lovely what you don't see is the buildings under construction and the mud that we can't deal with until the buildings are complete. So please, be patient with us as we work to make a truly fabulous destination. As soon as our "doors are open" you will be the first to know!

• Mrs. Robinson may or may not be pregnant...we honestly don't know. If she is pregnant she should be on the cover of Fit Pregnancy because she really does look amazing. I keep thinking I hear the heartbeats and our neighbor thinks she sees a baby moving in there but we're not sure. She hasn't gone through a heat cycle since she was bred but, she's a Dairy Goat which means she doesn't cycle's a first time goat breeder conundrum and, if there's no baby, it's just plain awkward (we've told A LOT of people).

• Thank you to all of you who have signed up for our Monthly Newsletter. You may have noticed you haven't gotten one yet. I can explain. I don't want to send one out until I know I can pack it full of wonderful information that you will really value. So until then you can keep track of us on Facebook and on the blog :) We appreciate each and every one of you...and there's nothing awkward about that!