Book Review: The Dirty Life


The Dirty Life: A Memoir of Farming, Food, and Love Okay. I'm just going to say it. I loved this book. It makes me happy and, since reading, has become the standard by which I judge all farm memoir books.

Here's the book description from Amazon, because I really don't think I could sum it up any better:

Single, thirtysomething, working as a writer in New York City, Kristin Kimball was living life as an adventure. But she was beginning to feel a sense of longing for a family and for home. When she interviewed a dynamic young farmer, her world changed. Kristin knew nothing about growing vegetables, let alone raising pigs and cattle and driving horses. But on an impulse, smitten, if not yet in love, she shed her city self and moved to five hundred acres near Lake Champlain to start a new farm with him. The Dirty Life is the captivating chronicle of their first year on Essex Farm, from the cold North Country winter through the following harvest season—complete with their wedding in the loft of the barn.

Kimball's voice is beautiful and honest. You never question why she's making a certain decision, or what she must be feeling because she builds to each chapter so well you just know. The book is a love story about falling in love with her husband, the land, and herself. I would recommend this book to anyone who feels there is "something" missing or someone who wants to feel inspired. Farmer or non-farmer, you will love this book.

ps: if you click on the book picture it will link to Amazon where you can buy it, we don’t get anything if you purchase it, I just like when websites are helpful like that.

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