Amazing & Awkward: I


I recently went to visit my best friend in Colorado, and through a series of ridiculous travel setbacks ended up being stuck in line with the same people for over an hour. The bonus was of course that I met a fellow blogger, Elizabeth of "E is for Random." She does a fairly regular installment of Amazing & Awkward, and I liked it so much, I'm copying. Amazing

  • Turkish's first days on the farm have been a smashing success, he helps with all the chores in the morning, is very mindful of the other animals and only had one tempting prey moment with a bunny. I know training a livestock guardian dog is a day by day process but I really am so proud of him.
  • We lost power during our big winter storm but because we only heat our house with wood and use a propane stove in our kitchen we were happy as clams all night. Amazingly, our power was out for less than 36 hours...we feel very blessed. (Aside from the PSE crews who worked tirelessly to restore power, I wonder if our electrical installation skills had anything to do with it?)
  • The sheep are no longer scared of us. In fact, they now eagerly rub their faces against our hands so that we'll scratch in just the right spot.


  • Our neutured, male pigs have taken to humping each other. A lot. Because they are fit and healthy pigs their muscles are very well defined. Which makes the thrusting awkward. Extremely awkward.
  • The male bunnies won't stop humping each other either. Now this is to be expected but, I suppose what's awkward here is there's a lot of face just looks uncomfortable more than anything.
  • We recently trimmed the sheep hooves, which was quick (relatively speaking) and easy. As we worked our way through the flock the pigs followed behind, crunch crunch crunching away on the trimmings.
  • Turkish may or may not think he's a pig. He sleeps between them in their little hay cave, nudges his way into the trough at feeding time (which we don't allow but he still tries for), and mimics their every move. I hope this doesn't become an issue when it's time for the butcher. It would be really awkward to tell him the pigs went to live on a big farm where they could be happy and run around all day...