Turkish: A rescue and future flock guardian


We have been talking about getting a dog on The Farmstead for a long time. Although our fencing system will be quite intense once finished, you can't ignore the incredible temptation that comes with free ranging animals. We're proud that all of our animals have access to free open pasture, but it's also something we worry about.

We had a pretty bad storm last week resulting in the loss of power and about 18 inches of snow. The snow was beautiful, absolutely beautiful. But...it also created a blank canvas for the potentially predatory animals that, during the daytime, we can easily forget we share the land with.

And so, through a series of events that lined up absolutely perfect we ended up with Turkish, a rescue from Barks R' Us Rescue in Yakima, Washington.

We know he's a German Shepherd, we just don't know how much. But, when we went to the adoption event to get him he was laying quietly in the pen with about six other puppies. While everyone else was frantic, jumping up and down (as puppies do), Turkish was very calmly watching. Yep, that's our dog we said.

And now he's home where he will live until he is no longer living...except for trips to the vet Turkish is on The Farmstead forever. What a nice feeling.

ps: any Snatch fans out there? I have a huge crush on Jason Statham who, by means of looks alone, is a bit of a poor man's Nick Taylor. LuckyMe<3