Lola & Gregory: Baby Ducks for The Farmstead


Eh hem.

May I have your attention please. The ducks are here!!

This is Gregory and Lola (and Fat Pip scoping them out). They are Indian Runner Ducks, which we chose because not only are they very prolific in the egg laying department but they are also fairly quiet (as far as ducks go) and they walk on two feet. I know, I know. All ducks walk on two feet. But these guys REALLY walk on two feet. Like penguins. Side Note: Lola got her name from Lauren, who didn't win our pig naming contest but did submit her entry for future use...yep, loved it as soon as I heard it. I think it's perfect for a duck! And Gregory because to me that's a very bowtie, spectacle wearing name ala Atticus Finch in To Kill a Mockingbird.

Sadly, we lost the other little girl we had ordered before I could even get to the store to pick them up...she was just too cold or something, I don't know...but when I picked Gregory and Lola up they were also freezing (they had just arrived that morning). I don't think it's anyone's fault...I think it's just one of those sad things that happen. I mean, we did lose a baby chick to cannibalism after all. I quickly tucked them up into my neck fat and proceeded to generate body heat like a true mama duck. And now, here they are, dry and warm. We're going to hold off on swimming for about a week since they don't have their essential oils yet.

I have to say that, officially, they're the cutest babies yet. Gregory has the black band on his leg and Lola has the white...we'll probably take them off in a couple days as they are already looking different. They're just peeping now but boy oh boy, I can't wait for that first quack! Of course Mr. Nick is excited, he thinks they'd like to shower with him once they get bigger...yep, it's official. Our house has gone to the animals :) ps: don't you just love all that food on his face?

Also, if you're local, I ordered the baby ducks from Kaija's in Chehalis. Patty is wonderful. Truly. I think I called her about 10 times (no joke) to confirm, change, reconfirm, rechange my runner duck order. She never once batted an eye.