Book Review: Farm City


Farm City: The Education of an Urban Farmer If you think farming is outside of your reach, this book is for you. Novella is HI-larious.

She and her boyfriend move from Seattle to inner city Oakland, California. She takes over an abandoned lot in true Thoreau fashion (did you know that he didn't own the land near Walden pond?) and begins to enhance the soil and the community.

Along the way she meets other like-minded people and shares openly about her regrets, mistakes and shenanigans (she and her boyfriend dumpster dive in a restaurant alley to get the food needed to feed their pigs).

Novella gives a voice, and a personality, to each person she meets. I found myself never wanting it to end. Even if you don't plan of farming, this book is funny and inspirational. Maybe you won't enrich your community with food, maybe you'll do it by some other donation of your time or talents...or maybe you'll just read the book :)

You can visit Novella's website by clicking here >>

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