Christmas Eve Sheep


This Christmas Eve the handsome man and I piled into our car and trekked across the beautiful state of Washington on a mission...we were getting our first sheep!

I found Jody of Just Plain Sheep through the Katahdin Breeder's Association. I had followed her success in the various fairs and have been nothing but impressed so, imagine my delight when they listed several lambs for sale. This is a photo I took of the lamb at her current home in Eastern Washington (she's only 10 months old in this photo even though she looks so grown up) I immediately fell in love with. She was bossy and proud, strong and vocal...the perfect lamb to start our Katahdin flock with. We picked out two other lambs and are heading back in a few weeks to pick them up and bring them back to The Farmstead. Until then I'll just keep smiling at this photo of our first lamb, who we have appropriately named, Athena, the goddess of our soon to be flock.

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