I think the word "sucker" comes to mind


Six is doing great. She's put on weight, her scabs are all healed, she no longer smells...what more could you ask for. She's transitioned out of the bathroom and into our home as she started to feel better. Everyone has been very welcoming. Well, let me rephrase, Sasha and Tiger could care less. Pip is thrilled to pieces. You see, Pip was also a rescue from the side of the road, added many years after we got Sasha and Tiger, so I imagine he always felt like the odd man out. Not anymore though, now he has Six. Oh yeah, did I mention she hates going outside?

Poor girl, we took her outside to be with us while we were working in the barn and she was absolutely miserable. Wanted nothing more than to go back inside. We've retried on several different occasions with the same result, "No thank you, I would like to go inside now."

And so it appears our sixth cat has become our fourth indoor cat. Yep, I think we must have sucker written on our forehead. But she really is a very sweet cat.