Did I see you in a Proactiv Commercial?

I've been getting this question a lot lately, and the answer is yes! It's me :) To clear a few things up:

• I really do use proactiv, every day, religiously. I am not a high maintenance girl, my idea of putting on makeup is drawing eyeliner across the top half of my eyelid, and I only do that on special occasions. But, proactiv is all I will put on my face. I use the three step system as well as the sunscreen and the night cream, every single day.

• Yes, I did have bad skin. I get this question from people who knew me in high school, college, or even right out of college. I didn't have bad skin then. But one day, poof, I woke up and my face was a disaster. I joked with Mr. Nick that I had leishmaniasis, the flesh eating disease. Really, it was that bad.

•They do not pay you to be on a proactiv commercial. Someone I used to work with sent me a message on facebook, to the extent of, "I don't remember you ever having bad skin but hey, if they paid me I guess I'd say whatever they wanted me to say too." I wasn't offended, but, I am setting the record straight. I didn't make any money by being on a proactiv commercial. (And, while we're on the subject, I would NEVER say that something worked for money, I like to think I'm a little bit more classy than that). They do fly you to San Francisco, where the production agency is that does the proactiv commercials, which is pretty fun. Side Note: I think they pay the celebrities to be on the commercials but I'm not sure.

So, that's that! And, because I'm such a dork I videoed the screen. That's me blowing bubbles...I climbed a tree too, 3 step system in hand, but I guess they didn't need that kind of footage :)


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