It takes a village to birth a kid

Did I mention how fabulous our neighbors are? One day we came home from work and found a kidding kit sitting at the base of the tree stump for us. I mean come on, isn't that the nicest thing ever? pssst. If you're looking for a list of what should be in your kidding kit check Fias Co Farm's website, she is a wealth of knowledge (and she raises Lamanchas!)
And then yesterday we came home and saw this:

Doesn't that just make you happy?

I think it's a perfect reminder, that sometimes the things that seem so little to you may seem so big to someone else. We're both far away from our families (my parents live in Coos Bay, Oregon and the handsome man's live in Cincinnati, Ohio) and although we've been able to communicate via skype, the phone and facebook it's still really nice to have someone, right across the way, that you know is rooting for you and cheering you on too.

Speaking of Skype. We've been skyping with Mrs. Robinson for the past few days in order to keep track of her while we're at work and, if need be, rush home. Mr. Nick set up the webcam peaking just over the edge with the laptop sitting on a chair outside the stall. He set it to automatically pick up if we are calling (my mom is also an approved watcher, she is no stranger to skype since all her grandbabies live in Houston). I  muted it so she can't hear the ringing or talking on the other end. We would have loved to do a live feed in order to share this experience with everyone, but we have a very interesting internet situation in that, we have a very crappy internet situation. Even though we are just 8 minutes from downtown Olympia we can't get high speed internet. Our only option is to use a mifi hotspot through our cell phone plan, which actually works really well, but also has data limits. I think we would have busted through our quota several times over if we had attempted a live feed. But oh I would have loved it...I think I blew a whole day once (in our pre-Farmstead days) watching baby eagles through a live feed :)

At night we've been setting up Mr. Nick's cell phone, plugged in, on speaker with  a call in to me. We put my phone on speaker and mute it as well. Then we sleep with it on our pillow so we can hear her in the middle of the night if something were to go wrong. Additionally, I set our alarm to go off every hour to listen and make sure all sounds point to normal. Thank goodness for free verizon to verizon :)

So still no baby, but man! We are ready!!

Here's a photo of me skyping with Mrs. R at work :)