Happy New Year from The Farmstead

What a wonderful surprise! About 11 a.m. Saturday morning I heard Mr. Nick yelling. I went to our road to see what he could carrying on about and what do I see? My parents and my grandmother! They woke up at 4 a.m. and drove all morning to get to The Farmstead for New Years. I wasn't expecting to see them again until much later in 2013. New Years is an important holiday to our family in large part due to the Japanese influence on my dad's side. I love that we got to spend it together.

But that doesn't mean we didn't work! That's the best part about my family...they are worker bees. Having 4 working hands instead of 2 all weekend was awesome! We got a lot more of the forest scrub cleared and burned to make way for pasture, cleaned out the whole laying house, moved some chickens around, went on walks, knitted, played Scrabble, painted the coolest sign ever, gave a chicken an enema and some TLC, planned out our 2013 vegetable garden, made seed tape, made goat cheese and ate really really good Asian food. All in all it was perfect and THE BEST way to start a New Year!











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